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Ayse Muge, aTurkish - British actress, currently living in London. My first step on stage in Istanbul was as a ballet dancer at a very young age, moving to the theatre performing on musicals. To advance storytelling via characters and learn the technical side of my craft , I got my BA, MA degrees in Film & TV Production. I have always been interested in learning the steps from an idea to the stage/screen that started with movement, acting, writing,  directing and producing creative work. 

Recently directed , performed short plays on stage with Director’s Cut Theatre Company

In addition to film work, from 2018 summer until lockdown I worked as a stage manager at immersive theatre shows of Funicular Productions while being the mysterious head waiter on a 1920s train, a demon, an elf from time to time.

I have done voiceovers for TV and Radio. I worked as Drivetime DJ and Nighttime Dj for Billboard Radio. I am also a Voice coach for Turkish language for films / games . 

A member of Equity.


*If you need a language coach for “Turkish” for an audition/role, please get in touch 


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