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Passionate Producers, Collaborative Artists

" Where Magic and Dreams Happen! "

I believe when creative minds come together, wonderful things happen! The Dreams Factoryy came to life with one goal in mind: creating beautiful, unique, and thought-provoking shows in every genre on stage and screen. Entertaining our audience and sharing the stories, the experience that elevates your soul and opening the gates of perception in a unique way is what we aim for. 

On this journey, with The Dreams Factoryy we aim to initiate a platform for artists from all around the world to create and put their work out there, be it on stage or on film.  We can also help you to create showreels.

Let your dreams brighten your future, come join us at Sunday Stage on every last Sunday of the month or join us at our workshops where we write 1-3 page short play/monologue and perform it at Sunday Stage. We can also provide you a recording of your performance.

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Muge ( MAGGIE )

Ayse Muge (Maggie), a Turkish-British director/producer, writer, and performer, brings a unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and global experience to her work. Born in Istanbul, where East meets West, Muge has lived in both Bournemouth and London, immersing herself in diverse cultures and artistic traditions.  From an early age, storytelling ignited Ayse Muge's imagination, a passion that blossomed into a remarkable career as a visionary filmmaker and storyteller.


Her journey into the world of storytelling began at an early age, ignited by her love for ballet and performance. At the age of six, she enrolled in the prestigious Dance Akademik, where she trained alongside the Royal Academy of Ballet. Her experience in this esteemed institution nurtured a deep appreciation for the power of movement, music, and performance in evoking emotions and transporting audiences into enchanting worlds. 


As a teenager, Muge's theatrical horizons expanded as she joined an evening stage school, immersing herself in the world of musicals. The stage became her canvas, and she reveled in the transformative power of performance, whether portraying a mischievous pixie or a formidable witch.

As her passion for storytelling deepened, Ayse Muge delved into the world of cinema and theater, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and TV at Istanbul Bilgi University and later completing a Master's Degree in TV & Video Production at Bournemouth University with a minor focus in Photography and Visual Communication Design. Her academic pursuits further fueled her creative fire, equipping her with the technical expertise to bring her imaginative visions to life. Her insatiable curiosity for the art of storytelling took her on a global journey as she attended the New York Film Academy's "Acting For Film"

In 2000, Muge embarked on her professional career as an assistant director at Channel D TV in Istanbul, diving headfirst into the world of investigative journalism. This immersive experience exposed her to the raw power of storytelling, igniting her passion for using photography and video to document real-life human experiences.

In 2001, Muge further honed her filmmaking skills at Bournemouth University, where she wrote and directed two short films. These creative endeavors opened doors to a diverse range of productions, from commercials and music documentaries to children's programming and charity works.


Her passion for storytelling further ignited her desire to produce and direct her own short films and documentaries, showcasing her ability to craft compelling narratives and captivating characters. Muge's versatility extended beyond filmmaking, as she demonstrated her skills in producing and directing rock music documentaries.


This ability to seamlessly blend artistic mediums was further evident in her work for UNICEF, ECF, and TRT, where she produced and directed the TV show "One Minute One World". This series, which was nominated for the British Council's Young Entrepreneur Award in Cinema-TV, highlights her dedication to social responsibility and using storytelling as a force for positive change.

Ayse Muge's unwavering passion for storytelling has propelled her to remarkable heights in the film and television industry. Her ability to combine artistic talents with her social conscience has earned her recognition and respect from her peers and the wider community. She stands as an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers and storytellers worldwide, demonstrating that creativity, social responsibility, and a dedication to excellence can lead to extraordinary achievements.

After gaining invaluable experience in Turkey and Greece, Muge returned to London, where she  further honed her craft immersing herself in the industry's most prestigious learning environment. At the National Film and Television School  she delved deeper into scriptwriting  and obtained a diploma in Script Development . Her professional journey continued with her first work/training at Working Title Films, where she was responsible for Turkish clearances for films such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Closed Circuit via Jeva Films. This experience provided her with the opportunity to refine her storytelling techniques and collaborate with renowned filmmakers, further solidifying her position ain the world of storytelling.


Her unwavering commitment to social responsibility and sustainability is deeply embedded in her artistic endeavors. As a Fellow of The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) and an active member of Women in Film & Television U.K,




Muge's commitment to sustainability is also evident in her work. She has pursued certification as a BAFTA Albert Consortium producer, ensuring that her productions adhere to the Carbon Literacy Standards. This demonstrates her dedication to creating environmentally friendly productions.



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